Monday, August 25, 2014



                             WELCOME TO BIKINI BODY BOOTY CAMP

Making a decision to get healthy is a huge step and I'm so thrilled you have taken this step to change your life and get healthy, happy and fit. 

                             WHAT IS BIKINI BODY BOOTY CAMP?

Bikini Body Booty Camp is an outdoor High Intensity Class that features cardio and strength movements that will get your heart pumping and tone you from head to toe. This results driven and energetic workout program is designed to be a challenging, fun and motivating experience where you will get in shape and meet new people. Some of the benefits include but not limited to fat loss, improved cardiovascular conditioning, improved body strength, muscle tone and increased flexibility. 

                              WHAT TO EXPECT? 
Expect to challenge your mind and your body. Expect to go through timed intervals of cardio, strength and core. Expect an unexpected:)

Bikini Body Booty Camp is open to all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete every class is different and is designed to push your body to the limits. 

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